Companies Who Have Supported Us

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Llewellyn Motors is a proud family business, that has been operating in 

Ipswich and the surrounding communities since 1991.

At Llewellyn's we are passionate about delivering our customers 


Companies Who Have Supported Us

Bridgestone Select Tyre and Auto Ipswich

Bridgestone Select Ipswich 

Unit 5, 11 Down Street 

North Ipswich

Ph: 07 3202 4100

Trading Hours :

Monday to Friday:       8am to 5pm

Saturday:                 8am to 12pm

Sunday:           Closed



 Customer Service channels including the call centre on 3810 6666, email, or PO Box 191 Ipswich 4305. 

Open from  8:30 Am to 4:30 Pm