UPDATE: 7 March 2019


ACNC Charity Register information 

The ACNC Act allows the Commissioner to remove information from the Charity Register in certain circumstances; in particular, where there is doubt about the accuracy of information.  

For this reason, we have removed the details of the charity’s (iCAN) Responsible Persons from the Charity Register until we are satisfied we know who the charity’s Responsible Persons are. We have also disabled access to the Charity Portal. 

What does this Mean?

It means that currently iCAN has no registered responsible committee members. 

It also means that IF you have been contacted by anyone from iCAN who are claiming to be a Committee member they may be misrepresenting their position to you. 

For Further Information:

We are confident of a positive outcome, But please do not donate to iCAN while it is not properly registered and Committee Members are not recognized by ACNC.




Charity Registration Number:


All these members can be contacted at 


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Meeting updates:

9th February 2019 starting around 10 am it will be a meeting at : 95 Keogh Street West Ipswich


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