Recently there has been some changes in iCAN Ipswich.

iCAN Ipswich is Governed by a Legally Registered Board of Directors. This board has 5 Directors. 

The Charity has a management Committee which consists of a President, Vice President, Secretory and a Treasurer. These positions can only be filled at an AGM.

All Management Meetings must be called with 14 days notice and all management members notified. 

What 2 people on the management committee have done is had secret meetings and without any notifications, and have changed passwords and account details on loan applications, and added private email addresses to the registration details of the Charity.

Due to these activities 4 of the Directors and 5 of our members, have called a special meeting to remove these people. 

Due to the serious nature of the Issues this has been reported to the Regulatory Authorities and the Police. 

The Majority of the Board have requested that no person or company donate to any Charity named iCAN in Ipswich as the Legally Registered Board currently does not have control over the organisation. 

We thank you for your patience and as soon as we can iCAN will be back serving the community.  for further details contact only




Charity Registration Number:


All these members can be contacted at 


ICAN Community Garden Link

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Meeting updates:

9th February 2019 starting around 10 am it will be a meeting at : 95 Keogh Street West Ipswich


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