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Put a smile on a foster child`s face this Christmas


Give the gift of joy to some of Ipswich’s most vulnerable children by buying a present for the iCAN Christmas stocking. Christmas is usually a time of excitement and joy for children. But every year local children face a Christmas about as far from what you’d want for your own child as you can possibly imagine. They’ve been removed from their parents to protect them from family violence, abuse or neglect. They’ve had their world turned upside down – but you can help change this and give them the joy every child deserves this Christmas. That’s why in 2018 iCAN will continue to collaborate with local schools, businesses, clubs and individuals to collect Christmas gifts for:
Children from our low-income or struggling families supported by our programs.
Buying a gift to brighten a child’s Christmas is one way to give them a break, to help them feel valued, loved and safe. Leading up to Christmas, we’ll be collecting gifts for all the children and young people iCAN supports.
Contact us to let us know your organisation would like to take part by contacting iCAN on our Facebook page or Email  icanipswich@gmail.com
Leave the gift wrapped, Boy/Girl age tag attached, at our Xmas Box situated at Yellow Brick Road Ipswich office at shop 8 , 44 East Street, Ipswich.
In December, Santa will distribute them to children at a xmas event that has been planned for them in Ipswich.
Not only will this provide Christmas presents for the disadvantaged children within iCAN’s programs but doing this will also take some of the burden off the carers who generously open up their hearts and homes to help children in need.

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The scheme commenced

with more than 230 refund sites available across the state of Queensland and more sites will be added in the future.  With every 10 Cents you recycle you could donate to Ipswich Community Alliance Network ( iCAN ) 

Here is the donation ID  C10002762  

So to help us all improve our recycling efforts and keep our beautiful environment litter-free, Queensland’s Containers for Change scheme lets people get a 10 cent refund for each eligible container returned to a container refund point. 

Our Services for the community

Short term hiring of a Light weight walker

 As a charity we are more than happy to try and help the people in need with a service like this as at the end of the day a smile on a person`s face can really change the world. 

Community Welfare Officer

 We do have  a Welfare Officer  in iCAN to ensure the development & implementation of welfare strategies to further improve the well-being and care of all in need for our services. 

Conditions do apply to all services: 

Must have some form of ID:

Pension  card 

Veterans affairs card 

Health care card  with a disadvantage

or have some other form of disability 

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iCAN Mowing Service

If you are disadvantage and you need your lawn mowed around in the Ipswich area contact Ican and we'll mow it for you. 

Please add your phone number to when you contact us so we can contact you back.


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